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Knights Crest Bartonville

In Knights Landing, it's not just about the houses; it's about the warmth of a close community that turns neighbors into friends.

Community Like No Other

       Welcome to Knights Landing, an exclusive community in Bartonville, Texas, featuring 18 spacious lots, each spanning 5-acres+ . Here, you can relish the tranquility of rural living without sacrificing proximity to the vibrant offerings of Dallas-Ft Worth's entertainment, dining, and shopping scenes.

       For those yearning to upgrade their living space and embrace a more expansive lifestyle, Knights Landing is the epitome of the perfect community. Immerse yourself in the luxury of large lots while ensuring your family remains conveniently connected to the amenities of the metropolitan area.

       In the midst of rapid development, Knights Landing stands as a testament to balancing growth with a preserved small-town feel. This community offers a distinctive living experience that captures the essence of community amidst progress. Explore the extraordinary allure of Knights Landing by scheduling a private tour to discover the available lots and envision the possibilities for your dream home. Contact us today and embark on the journey to your ideal living space in Knights Landing.

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