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Modern Luxury Home Features

Not too long ago, features such as seamless video calling, touch-less water faucets, customized wine cellar, and smart home monitoring were only associated with a science fiction villain’s lair. However, the rapid advancement in modern technology hasn’t just made these fantastical items a reality, but these are now very easily accessible.

More and more people are adding modern luxury home features to their living spaces for added comfort, security, and style. Read on to find out more.

Top Modern Luxury Home Features

If you’ve traveled a lot, you’ve probably come across some luxury hotels with unique, state-of-the-art features. These make the customers’ experience much more luxurious, as these are designed to keep things pleasant and convenient. You may feel that these amenities are limited to hotels and Elon Musk’s house, but that’s far from being true.

In fact, you too can make your house feel like an oasis by furnishing it the right way. So if you’re thinking about upgrading your living space or looking to buy a new house, here are some modern luxury features that you should seriously consider adding.

Smart Home Monitoring

A smart home monitoring system is a practical and convenient feature that should be added to every house nowadays. With proper software installation, you can easily control your lighting system, air conditioner, television, and other home appliances and electronics from anywhere. Even if you’re traveling, you can access this software from the other end of the world, provided you have access to an internet connection.

But that’s not all. A smart home monitoring system can also control security cameras and locks around the house, which can make your home much more secure than any manual security system could. Not only will a smart home monitoring system make your life easier, but it will also help you sleep better due to the added security.

Hidden Door that Leads to a Secret Room

Now, this is something that truly feels like it is out of a crime thriller sci-fi movie. The idea may also make you feel queasy if it reminds you of the Red Room from The Haunting of Hill House. But you’d be surprised at how easily a secret room can be incorporated into the floor plan of a house; without the added ghost, of course.

You may have even fantasized about having a bookshelf or closet that leads to a secret room. In reality, this isn’t just “cool” but also a practical addition to the house. You can use it to store valuable items that you don’t want other people to access. You can hide away in your secret room for a retreat when you want to take a break. And in addition to being a super cool feature, it can also act as a safety and security measure in the worst-case scenario. If you end up selling your house in the future, the secret room can also up the asking price significantly.

Home Theater System

What luxury home would seem complete without a mini cinema in the basement? Modern luxury homes are being designed with added amenities nowadays, which reduces the occupants’ need to leave the house. A home theater system can be a convenient addition to your house that can save you a couple of 100 bucks each year on movies.

A proper home theater system is equipped with a state-of-the-art screen, a large projector, multi-zone surround sound, soundproof walls, and ample comfortable seating arrangement to enhance your movie viewing experience. You can have family movie nights on weekends, host movie nights with friends, or just watch a movie by yourself if you want. The movies you watch will also be of your preference. Want to rewatch Jaws for the 13th time? Who’s stopping you? Even if you’re not a movie buff, a home theater system would be a valuable addition to your house.

Smart Bathrooms

From touch-less faucets to smart toilets, there are so many modern luxury home features that you can add to your bathroom that you’d never want to leave. With smart technology and infrared features, operating everything becomes more convenient.

Infrared sensors use motion detectors to allow you to open and close taps and showers without having to touch anything. Additionally, toilets come with heated seats, automated seat lifting, touch-less flushing, massaging bidets, optimal seating heights, Bluetooth integration, and even speakers to play your favorite music. These make using the toilet more hygienic and significantly reduce water wastage.

Customized Wine Cellar

After a long and tiring day, all you want to do is unwind with a glass of wine. While you can just grab a bottle from your wine fridge, a customized wine cellar makes the experience much more relaxing, if only due to the added aesthetic of the environment. If you’re particularly passionate about wines, you should certainly consider adding this feature to your house.

In addition to looking luxurious and opulent, a customized wine cellar can add a whole new design element to your living space. As time passes, you will also notice how your wine collection is evolving over time and becoming more diverse. And when you host evening events, an in-house wine cellar can keep your guests engaged for a long time.  You can choose from different designs, including wooden wine racks, glass displays, and even spiral shelves. So pick something that reflects your style as well as the interior of your house.

Temperature Controlled Pools

If you have the space and your state allows it, you should have a temperature-controlled pool installed in your house. Whether it is an indoor or an outdoor pool, it can have long-term benefits for you and your family.

The obvious benefit is that you’d have access to a pool around the year; you can literally go for a swim anytime you want, even at 3 in the morning. Having the choice to change the temperature of the water allows for a more comfortable swim and also has some health benefits. Heated pools can improve respiratory ailments and can be very beneficial for older people. On the other hand, a swim in cool water can help you relax on a sunny day during the summers.

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