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What Do People Look For Most in a Realtor

As a home seller, you must know the answer to “What do people look for most in a Realtor” to increase your chances of success by getting the best rates in the least possible time. The Hershenberg Group shares 7 realtor attributes that can get you the most lucrative deal and list for a quick sell.

Unlike buying a home, the process of selling one can be quite challenging since you’re struggling with several things at the same time, such as:

  • Finding the best listing
  • Performing home inspections
  • Undertaking home-staging measures
  • Getting a fair valuation
  • Hunting for potential buyers

All this and more just to maximize the profit potential of your property. This is exactly where hiring a realtor can come in handy. It’s worth mentioning that a good realtor who understands your needs and is willing to provide individual personalized support can make the entire process of selling your property somewhat easier.

That’s why finding the right realtor is one of the most important property-selling decisions you’ll make. Below we’ve shared a few attributes that you must consider before hiring a realtor in North Texas.


Before hiring a realtor, be sure to check their track record. It’s always ideal to hire a realtor who has a good success ratio. But please note that realtors who are able to sell properties frequently will most likely charge a bit higher than average ones. Nonetheless, the chances of getting the best listing for your property and desired outcome (quick sell!) will also be greater from a seasoned agent. Avoid hiring an agent who just stepped into the industry and isn’t an experienced campaigner.


Although it’s important that you find a realtor agent who has your best interests at heart, it’s even more crucial for him/her to have relevant industry experience. When you’re selling your property, always look for a realtor who knows what they are doing. At The Hershenberg Group, experienced realtors strive to serve the real estate needs of every client in the best way possible.


This one is a no-brainer. The fees charged by any service offering professional including a realtor is undeniable of utmost importance. For many, it’s even a deal-maker or breaker. Therefore, it’s recommended to find an agent who can provide you with the best possible service within your prescribed budget. But bear in mind that a seasoned realtor will almost always charge a higher fee than an inexperienced one. Majorly owing to their advanced qualification, success ratio, industry experience, and convincing ability.


As mentioned earlier, selling a property is no easy feat and the last thing you’d want is to face added issues with your realtor. To prevent this, be sure to take advantage of free introductory consultations. This first exchange will give you a decent idea of what it’d be like working with that particular realtor or company. Furthermore, it would also help you to evaluate the agent’s ability to help and the merit of their claims.


Even if you receive a referral for a real estate agent from a friend or family member, it’s best to still do your homework. For instance, make sure he/she has sufficient qualifications to handle your case fittingly. You should hire a realtor who has up-to-date knowledge about the real estate industry and is well aware of the latest trends to get you the best listing. In addition, you must also ensure that the realtor lawyer is licensed in Texas to avoid potential mishaps.


Every realtor out there might not be as professional as they claim to be. Therefore, be careful who you select. A lot can be told about a potential real estate agent even after a short conversation. Additionally, visiting their site is also a good idea. See what their presence indicates both online and offline. Keep in mind, there’s no space for unprofessionalism in an industry that demands the utmost in high standards.


When it comes to property selling, it’s imperative to know the ins and outs throughout the process. Many times, real estate agents don’t provide you with all the information that you must know. A good realtor has the convincing ability to keep clients self-assured and ensure that their property is in the right hand


With these attributes, your realtor will set you up for bagging the most lucrative deal out there. When you are searching for a realtor in North Texas, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to hire the first realtor you find. After all, he/she will be responsible for guiding you through the entire selling process – from ensuring the best listings and determining fair valuations to finding the best deal. That’s why don’t be hesitant in interviewing more than one realtor.

We know a professional realtor comes at an added expense, but when it comes to selling your property, it’s worth every penny and effort to get everything right from the get-go.

You can even contact The Hershenberg Group for a valuation report of your property by one of our top realtors. We can help you get the best rates and listings for your Texas property. We’re available for correspondence at 817-678-2566 and Our experts will be more than glad to assist with all your queries.

If you’re searching for more useful information on home buying and/or selling in North Texas, do check the rest of our blog section. The Hershenberg Group endeavors to assist home buyers and sellers in gaining the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions that are best for them and their families.